Do you eat healthy while on vacation?

Maybe I should’ve asked how do you eat healthy while on vacation? For me, the answer to that is simple; establish good habits and they will follow you wherever you go! I don’t look at a vacation as a time to lose track of my diet and eat whatever I want. Sure, I indulge in new and unexpected treats but not all the time. My stomach would not be happy.

Maintaining your weight while you are away is all about maintaining perspective and being aware in the moment and making conscious choices. If you go on vacation with an "I don’t care, I’m going to eat and DRINK, whatever I want when I want" attitude than you can expect to gain some weight! You can also expect to have a lot of work to do in the gym when you get back home. Who needs that kind of stress after a wonderful time away?

So if you want to maintain your beach body while you’re away enjoying life, here are my quick tips for maintaining balance while you’re spending time at Rancho Relaxo ;)

1) Don’t overindulge on Alcohol. If you keep your Happy Hour to a two drink minimum your body with thank you sans bloat, headaches and water weight gain. Since you’re on vacation think of giving your liver a well deserved rest.

2) Avoid fast food. I’ve traveled a lot and I can tell you that most countries have McDonalds, Burger King, Friday’s, Outback and plenty of other unhealthy American Fast Food chain restaurants on top of their own versions. Avoid these places! I advise against eating fast food for a variety of reasons on a normal basis so, it follows that it’s an unwise choice to eat it while your away. Instead try some of the local fare, (if you aren’t staying at a resort) to get a sense of a different culture and try something new!

3) Shop for and buy your own food at local vendors. I don’t stay at resorts when I travel so I have to go out and buy food. This is a great opportunity to walk around for some exercise, meet locals AND get your hands on some exciting and new tasty things. Most local people grow or catch their own food so some of the freshest food can be had by buying from local fishmongers and regular folks who sell right from the back of their trucks or local markets.

4) Portion Control. You do it at home, practice it while you’re away! If you are eating out, don’t eat until you’re stuffed. Eat slowly, talk and enjoy your surroundings and remember; You don’t have to clear your plate. Ask for a to-go carrier and enjoy your leftovers tomorrow. Not only will they taste even better, you can save yourself a little money by eating tonight’s dinner for tomorrow’s lunch!

5)Don’t eat with your eyes. If you are hungry, eat something. However, while you are traveling, especially if you are staying at a resort or if you are on a cruise where food is abundant and non-stop, remember to maintain perspective. Just because its there doesn’t mean you have to consume it. Remember , food is fuel; nutrients for your body to function for optimum balance. Don’t overindulge because your body will answer back with stomach upset, indigestion, heartburn and host of other issues that will alert you to it’s unhappiness. Instead, keep it simple and keep it light. Maintain balance and you’ll do just fine.

*Oh and don’t forget to exercise; get out and go for a walk or run, see the sights on foot. Vacation isn’t just for loafing around poolside , it’s and opportunity to see and do new things and exercise your body and spirit to recharge yourself!

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